Ground aluminum mounting system

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Fixed Mounting SystemGround aluminum mounting system

Product features Tracking principle Details on Structure

Rapid installation, few components, high commonalityThe Huading Solar Inclined Single-Axis Tracking System adopts a unique linkage structure and maintenance-free slewing bearing, which makes it have reliable system stability, low failure rate and low maintenance cost. Compared with the traditional fixed bracket, it can increase the power generation by 20% -40%.

Reduction of construction errorUsing non block beams can save block position; Connecting beam and diagonal beam with slide nuts would helps reducing installation errors.

High-strength and good erosion-resistanceThe main structure is in anodized 6005-T5 ,and its fasteners are in anodized SUS304, with neat appearance and good erosion-resistance.

Wide rangeThe special character of aluminum alloy and stainless steel determines the product can be applied to various fields.


Installation site Open Ground
Installation angle On requirement
On requirement Portrait or landscape
Module specification Frame/ frameless Crystalline/thin film
Module size On requirement
Principal Material Anodized aluminum
Installation height On requirement
Wind load 60m/s
Snow load On requirement
Warranty time On requirement
Warranty time ISO9001、CE

Details on Structure